A tooth extraction is when a tooth is surgically removed. While the mere mention of extraction may seem daunting, rest assured that our experienced dental team is committed to ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout the process.

Why Extraction May Be Necessary

Some reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  1. Severe Decay: When decay penetrates deep into a tooth, it can compromise its structural integrity, making extraction the best course of action to prevent further damage and potential infection.
  2. Crowding: In cases of overcrowding, where there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate all the teeth, extraction may be necessary to create room for proper alignment and function.
  3. Impacted Teeth: Sometimes, teeth may become impacted, meaning they are unable to fully erupt through the gum line. This often occurs with wisdom teeth and can lead to pain, infection and other oral health issues.
  4. Trauma: Traumatic injuries, such as fractures or breaks, may necessitate extraction if the tooth cannot be salvaged through other dental procedures.

The Extraction Process

Before proceeding with an extraction, our dentist and team will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health and discuss the procedure in detail with you. We prioritize open communication and ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed before moving forward. During the extraction procedure, we utilize advanced techniques and modern equipment to minimize discomfort and expedite recovery. Dr. Nikolas Stathopoulos takes great care to ensure the surrounding tissues are protected and that the extraction is performed with precision and efficiency.

If you think you may need a tooth extraction in San Ramon, California, we invite you to call Parthenon Dental at 925-718-8483 today. We can help determine a treatment plan to help you replace the tooth as well to get you back on track toward your optimal oral health.